Court Fine Payments Online

Municipal Court

Fines range from $15 to $265 depending upon the offense. If it is a traffic offense in a school zone and/or posted work zone, fines may be doubled. In addition to the fines, there are $40 in surcharges. Cases that appear in court are also subject to a $25 court fee and/or a $25 Stay Of Execution (SOE) fee for setting up a payment arrangement. 

In 2024, Kersey Municipal Courts added the following fees:
Show Cause Order $25
1st Failure to Comply (Failure to Appear or Pay) $15
2nd Failure to Comply (Failure to Appear or Pay) $30
Bench Warrant $75
Deferred Sentence/Prosecution $60
Payment Arrangement late fee $10
Default (Not completing court order payments/classes/additional offenses) $25
Please note: a $3 convenience fee will be added to all court related transactions that are paid using a credit or debit card.
Contact the court clerk for more information or for questions regarding these fees.

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