Town Park Information

Document - CopyCentennial Park
Located at 100 West Campbell St., Centennial Park offers a wide variety of option for space use to include youth sports activities, large group gatherings and event space for annual Town events. Within Centennial Park there are two pavilions/shelters that can be rented out for private use, restrooms, a playground, horseshoe pits, a large open field and an outdoor basketball court. Entrance into parking lot on the east side of the park is off of Campbell St. and 1st St. 
Kohler Park
Located at 315 McIntyre St., Kohler Park offers a well shaded grass area for those hot summer days. Within Kohler Park is a single pavilion that can be rented for private use, restrooms, a playground, covered 'pergola' with seating as well as several bench seats. Parking is located on all surrounding streets and provides easy access to the entire park area. 

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Memorial Park
Located at 901 Hill St., Memorial Park offers a short walking trail in between the trees and flagpoles right along Highway 34. Within Memorial Park many community members have donated time and money to plant trees and install plaques in honor of past loved ones from the community. Parking is located off of Hill St. on the east end of Memorial Park; please DO NOT drive through the park on the trails. 
General Park Rules
Please DO NOT drive any motor vehicles onto grass or turn areas in the parks. Trash totes are located in all parks, please make sure all your trash is cleaned before you leave. Dogs are allowed in all parks when leashed or held to 'strict' voice commands; Town of Kersey Staff and the Kersey Police Department reserve the right to remove any animal from park facilities who are causing issues. NO alcohol is allowed in parks at any time; exceptions are for non-profit or business groups who file an Alcohol Permit with supporting documentation to the Town of Kersey for approval. 

Park Pavilion/Shelter Reservation Information
Please click HERE for more information on renting a park pavilion/shelter.