Backflow and Cross Connections in Kersey

Kersey is committed to providing safe and clean drinking water.  As part of this commitment we require all businesses and industries serviced with water from the Town to have their backflow devices tested annually by a Certified Cross-Connection Control Technician.  This requirement includes, but is not limited to backflow devices on service mains, fire suppression systems, process line and sprinkler supply lines.  Testing and submission of your results are due to the Town of Kersey by September 1, 2018. Test results can be emailed to the Town of Kersey Public Works Department or mailed to the address listed on the right side of this screen.  Check out these websites to find certified backflow technicians and inspectors:   Colorado Backflow Prevention Association or Backflow Prevention and Education Council of Colorado.
What is Backflow?
Back flow means water flowing backwards into the water supply system. There are two ways back flow can enter the water supply from a sprinkler system; back siphonage and back pressure. Back siphonage happens when the pressure in the water supply suddenly drops. Pressure drops can happen because of nearby firefighting or repairs of breaks in the Town water main. The pressure drop creates a vacuum, sucking the water backward through the system. The vacuum is much like a person sipping on a straw, which causes liquid to flow in the opposite direction. Back pressure is also reversal of water flow in the water system. However, this type of reversal happens when water pressure increases on the customer's side of the water system. Examples of things that can cause pressure increases in your sprinkler system would be injection fertilizing or blowing out the system in the fall.
What is Cross Connection?
Colorado’s Backflow Prevention and Cross-connection Control Rule Implementation Policy went into effect in Colorado in 2015, it can be found on the State of Colorado's website. Cross connection is any actual or potential connection between a potable water system, the drinking water supply and any other source or system that can introduce contaminants into the treated water system. Contaminants from your sprinkler system may include fertilizers, pesticides, and weed killers. Any part of the sprinkler system that allows back flow to occur is called a cross connection.

To report a community public health emergency or hazardous substance spills at any time call 1-877-518-5608

  • Call the number above to report a potentially acute drinking water incident (e.g., turbidity exceedance, positive E. coli sample, line break, actual/potential backflow contamination).
  • Report all events within 24 hours.
  • Please have available as much of the following information as possible:
    • Date and time of incident.
    • Public Water System Identification Number (PWSID).
    • Water system contact name, phone number and email.
    • Description of drinking water incident or water quality exceedance.
    • Response actions taken.
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