Special Districts

Special Districts are quasi-municipal subdivisions in Colorado established and governed by Title 32 of the Colorado Revised Statutes and other applicable laws. Special Districts are most often formed by developers to provide a financing method used to fund the installation, operation, and maintenance of public improvements within a specific development. Special Districts operate via service plans which detail the goals of the district being formed, what debt the district is allowed to take on, and the terms of the debt. Special District service plans are approved through the governing body where the district will be formed. The service plan states the maximum mill levy approved by the governing body which is assessed on parcels located within the boundaries of the proposed district.   

Below are the links regarding special district policy and the model service plan within the Town of Kersey. A model service plan simply lets developers know what types of service plans the Town generally finds acceptable but in no way limits the Town Board from independently evaluating each proposal, adding conditions to the applicant's proposal, or disapproving the service plan.