Winter Sports Registration

Tri-Valley Basketball (formerly Hot Shots) K-2nd Grade

Are you ready to introduce your child to the exciting world of basketball? Look no further than our K-2nd Grade Tri-Valley Basketball league! Designed to be a fun and inclusive experience, our league aims to spark a love for the game while fostering essential teamwork and coordination skills.

Our K-2nd Grade basketball provides the perfect platform for your child to take their first steps onto the basketball court. We prioritize skill development in a friendly and supportive environment, where every child can feel comfortable exploring the game. Through interactive drills and mini-games, your child will develop their motor skills, hand-eye coordination, and fundamental basketball techniques. The season runs 10/23 to 12/16; teams practice twice a week for 1 hour, and the 6 regular season games are played on Saturday mornings and afternoons. Ready to sign-up? Register now!

NVAA Basketball 3rd-6th Grade

Our North Valley Athletic Association (NVAA) basketball league offers the perfect opportunity to immerse your young athlete in the world of competitive and enjoyable basketball. Designed to enhance skills, teamwork, and sportsmanship, this league is the ultimate stepping stone for budding basketball enthusiasts.

Enrolling your child in our 3rd-6th Grade Recreation Basketball League goes beyond just playing a sport. It's about fostering personal growth, building character, and developing a strong work ethic. Through structured practices, engaging drills, and exciting games, participants will refine their basketball abilities, enhance their strategic thinking, and cultivate a sense of discipline that transcends the court. Registration begins October 2nd; the season begins January 2024.