Kersey Days Modified Mower and Kart Races

Small-town Atmosphere, Big-time Action!

Get ready for some high-speed action at the Kersey Days Mower and Go-Kart Races! This event is a fan-favorite and always draws a big crowd.

The mower races feature souped-up lawn mowers that have been modified for speed and agility. You'll be amazed at how fast these mowers can go as they race around the track, weaving in and out of obstacles and making hairpin turns.

The go-kart races are just as exciting. These small but powerful vehicles zoom around the track, competing for the top spot in a variety of races and challenges.

Both the mower and go-kart races are open to competitors of all ages, and there are multiple divisions based on skill level. So whether you're a seasoned racer or a first-time competitor, there's a race for you.

The mower and go-kart races are held at the Kersey Dirt Track off of 9th St. and Latham; tickets are $3 for general admission and $5 for a pit pass. If you're interested in competing, follow this link to register.

Don't miss the high-speed thrills of the Kersey Days Mower and Go-Kart Races. It's an adrenaline-fueled event that's sure to get your heart racing!