Municipal Court

The Town of Kersey, located in the county of Weld, State of Colorado is a statutory Town. The Kersey Municipal Court is a court of record.

Common code violations handled in Kersey Municipal Court include:
Traffic Citations
Parking Citations
Code Violations
Misdemeanor Offenses
Animal Related Charges 

If you were issued a Summons and Complaint or Penalty Assessment (citation) for an alleged violation of the Municipal Code, there is a date located near the bottom of your citation; that is your "arraignment" date. During the arraignment, you may enter a Guilty or No Contest Plea, a Not Guilty Plea, or speak with the Town Prosecutor about a possible plea agreement, or request a pretrial conference or a reasonable continuance of the case. 

If you fail to appear at your scheduled arraignment for non-traffic violations, a bench warrant will be issued for your arrest and and appropriate PR bond will be attached to the warrant. If the offense is traffic related, an Outstanding Judgement Warrant (OJW) will be placed on your Driver's License through the Department of Motor Vehicles. The OJW will remain active on your Colorado Driver's License until the case has been resolved, then you will be unable to renew or transfer you license in Colorado or another state. 

Be sure to review your citation for the correct court location and time. The citation will be marked as to what court you are to appear in and below that information is your arraignment date and time. 

On your court date, you may check in as early as 1:00pm, and no later than 1:30pm. *applicable for Kersey Municipal Court ONLY! If you are to appear in the 19th Judicial Court (Weld County), please call the Weld County Combined Courts at (970) 475-2400 to confirm the date, time and/or address of your appearance.