Kersey Days 2021 Celebration!!!

Kersey Days 2021 1 color
Kersey Days Flyer 2021

The Kersey Day Committee and the Town of Kersey are proud to announce that Kersey Days 2021 will be here Friday August 6th and Saturday August 7th!

Friday Night will feature the return of our Lawn Mower Races! 

Race track location is south on 9th St. past the Platte Valley High School building and the Kohler Farms Subdivision. 

Race registration is $15.00 per division/per mower/kart.

Extra pit passes can be purchased for $5.00.

Spectator admission to the races is $3.00 for anyone age 3 years and older.

Special seating/parking is available for handicap users. 

Food and drink vendors will be present; no ALCOHOL is permitted on the track/race grounds!

Saturday events will include a 5K race, sports tournaments, vendor booths, farm implement parade/show, obstacle course, kids activities, beer garden and concession stands. 

This year's events, with the exception of the 5K race, will start around 1pm at Centennial Park in Kersey. We are searching for participants to provide farm implements for the parade and vendors to set up at the park. All our sports tournaments will be held starting at 1pm. We will not have food vendors during the afternoon as the Kersey Chamber will be serving a BBQ meal later afternoon/evening. Concession type items will be available for purchase through the afternoon leading up to the BBQ meal. 

Below are forms and registrations for all activities as necessary (all forms can be emailed or mailed to the Kersey Day Committee, or dropped off at Town Hall)

5K race registrations can be downloaded here: Bronco 5K Registration Form

Basketball Tournament registrations can be found here: 3v3 Basketball Tournament Registration

Volleyball Tournament forms can be found here: PV Grass Volleyball Tournament Registration 

Cornhole Tournament Registrations can be found here: Cornhole Tournament Registration

Farm Implement Parade/Show forms can be found here: Farm Implement Parade/Show Registration

Vendor Booth Registrations can be found here (no food trucks): Vendor Booth Registration

Lawn Mower Race Registrations can be found here: Lawn Mower Race Registration

     *Race Information*

Kersey Day Committee Email: