Municipal Court


The Town's Municipal Court has jurisdiction over matters arising under Colorado's Statutory Rules and the Town's Municipal Code.  As provided under Kersey's Municipal Code, the Judge is appointed by the Town Board.

Municipal Court meets every 3rd Wednesday at 1:30 p.m. at Kersey Town Hall, 332 3rd Street, Kersey, CO  80644. 

Paying Fines

If you are unable to pay your court fine, you will need to appear in court and speak with the judge and explain your circumstances. Pay your fine online at  If you are paying by check, please include your citation number in the memo section of your check.  If you do not know your citation number email or call our Deputy Town/Court Clerk, Barb Alvarado.  

If you have a ticket in Kersey Municipal Court and would like to discuss possible a plea bargain or your available options prior to commit to court you contact the Town Prosecutor Amy Penfold.

The Honorable Kimberly Emil serves as the Town's Municipal Court Judge.   

Alive at 25 is a dramatically successful driver awareness course for drivers aged 15 – 24 years. This course is 4 ½ hours in length and meets the Department of Revenue’s criteria for a 15 ½ year old to obtain a driver’s license permit in Colorado.

Defensive driving classroom curriculum
Gain awareness and develop strategies to keep safe on the road.
Decision-making and responsibility-taking
Learn through interactive media, workbook exercises, role-playing, and class discussions.
Available nationwide
Chances are, there is an agency providing training with the Alive at 25 curriculum in your area.

Cost: $79.00 

Find and register for a class here for Alive at 25.

Defensive Driving Course


Attitudinal Dynamics of Driving (ADoD) defensive driving course was developed by the National Safety Council. This 6-hour course is taught by certified law enforcement instructors and is designed for drivers of all ages who wish to improve their skills or have been mandated by the courts to take such a course. This course is provided by the Colorado State Patrol Family Foundation.

Our goal is to reduce the number of violations, injuries, and fatalities associated with automobile crashes. The course includes defensive driving principles and strategies, factors that create risk, recognizing unsafe driving situations, and furthering the understanding that our choices are based on thought and reason. Participants are taught to take responsibility for their behavior and to make the right driving choices.

This program is taught by certified law enforcement instructors and satisfies the court mandate requirement for level II classes for driving violation in the Town of Kersey Municipal Court. 

Per Court Order, it is your responsibility to provide a Certificate of Completion to the court directly upon course completion.  

  1. Honorable Judge Kimberly Emil

    Honorable Kimberly Emil

    Municipal Judge

  2. Amy Penfold Town Prosector

    Amy Penfold

    Municipal Prosecutor

  3. DeAnne Hill - Administrative Assistant

    DeAnne Hill

    Administrative/Court Clerk/Permits

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