Residential Trash Removal

Trash day is every Tuesday. Trash should be put out by 7 a.m. to ensure pick up. On the rare occasion that a major holiday falls on a Monday or Tuesday, trash will be picked up on Wednesday. Recycling happens every other Tuesday and should a holiday fall on a Monday or Tuesday, recycling will be collected the next day. The every other day schedule for 2018 begins Tuesday, January 9th.

The Town of Kersey has implemented the residential single service trash provider as allowed by state statute. This means that all residents pay the town for the trash service that is contracted to haul residential trash. Commercial and/or industrial entities are exempt from this and can use the trash service of their choice.

Northern Colorado Disposal

The Town currently contracts with Northern Colorado Disposal for residential trash removal in Kersey. Totes are provided to all customer and alley or street pick up is available depending on the neighborhood.

The service will pick up unlimited amounts of household trash beside your toter as long as it is bagged and/or tied in bundles that aren't too heavy for pick-up. All residents are provided with one tote. Once the tote is full residents can bag additional trash that will be picked up. If you have a problem with your tote, or any other issue with your trash service, please call Northern Colorado Disposal at 970-353-4090 to make arrangements for replacement. If there are problems that can not be solved, please call Town Hall at 970-353-1681.

Northern Colorado Disposal also offers recycling services. You can contact them and purchase a recycle container for $15 or purchase a tote and mark well as a recycle bin. They pickup your recycling every other Tuesday at the curbside (no alley recycling pickup). You must contact NCD to register your address for the recycling service.


Trash service is bundled with water and sewer and is mailed by the Town on the 21st of each month. The Town charges $13 per month for one tote and $7 for each additional tote. Any monthly billing issues can be directed to Town Hall staff at 970-353-1681. Customers must contact Northern Colorado Disposal directly to arrange for special requests such as hazardous waste pick up.