Public Works Department

Beginning in 2018, the Town adopted a new plan for Public Works functions which we believe will provide great service at a cost considerably less than a "traditional" public works department. The Town employs  Public Works professionals who oversee a variety of duties and assignments. Led by the Public Works Director, Kurt Smith, the team also includes a variety of private sub-contractors to complete many of the routine jobs. As one can imagine, everything from landscape maintenance, facility repairs, water/sewer, and streets falls within the scope of Public Works responsibilities. Contracting out many of these services has proven to save money, increase productivity, and reduce liability. A few larger cities have adopted similar models however Kersey is on the cutting edge for smaller community models. So far, success!

Some of the things you will see these employees doing include:

  • Assisting in operations at the waste water plant
  • Ensuring safe and usable park facilities
  • Facilities maintenance
  • Snow removal
  • Street and alley repair
  • Street projects and maintenance
  • Fleet maintenance
  • Water and sewer line responsibilities
  • Water meter reading
The Town also employs seasonal staff wear a bright yellow shirt with the Town logo clearly embossed on the front. Seasonal staff within Public Works are typically hired during the summer months. These jobs are competitive and we would suggest applying as soon as the openings are posted on the Town's website.